Acer H7550ST – 3D Full HD Short Throw Projector

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February 19, 2015
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The new Acer H7550ST is the Taiwanese projector manufacturers first 3D Full HD Short Throw projector. Another first is that the H7550ST has a hidden internal slot for the google Chromecast dongle! More and more projectors are now used wirelessly, but these systems are usually mounted externally on the projector and therefore can easily be lost, stolen or forgotten. With the H7550ST however Acer have taken a different path and the dongle can be hidden away within the Projector. Not only is this more secure it looks nicer too. Built with entertainment in mind, the H7550ST is just as comfortable in a classroom or meeting room environment.

Short Throw Lens

The Acer H7550ST has a short throw lens meaning it can be placed close to the screen without compromising on image size. This offers an advantage in smaller spaces and also means that the image will be nice and bright as the projector can be close to the projection surface. The short-range lens will produce (for example) a 2m image width with a throw distance of only around 150cm. This is perfect for motion sensitive games consoles such as the Xbox Kinect, the Playstation Move or Nintendo Wii as you have enough space in the room to move behind the projector without casting a shadow on the projected image.

Home Theatre Features

Designed especially for home theatre use, it is crucial that the H7550ST offers 3D as well as a Full HD resolution. This means that 3D Blu-rays can be enjoyed in all their glory and all you will need is a 3D blu ray player and the appropriate DLP link 3D shutter glasses which Acer offers as an optional accessory. If you have a large Blu-ray collection with many 2D movies, you may wish to use the integrated 2D to 3D converter meaning you can enjoy a lot more content in full 3D. Acer have also given consideration to the PC gamer as the projector carries nVidia 3D TV Play ready certification.


Since a projector can often be used in a stand-alone set up Acer has fitted it with 20 watt stereo speakers that are DTS certified making it easy to set up for an impromptu movie or gaming session. It also means you can easily take it to a friends house without having to wire up a complex speaker system.


Internal HDMI Port for the Chromecast Dongle

The H7550ST offers a wide range of connections in addition to the internal HDMI port. These include VGA, component, composite and S-Video along with two additional HDMI inputs, one of which is MHL enabled. A 5V USB port is also available at the back.


As you can see, the Acer H7550ST offers much more than you would think at first glance. It remains to be seen at what price the H7550ST will be available but it is assumed that it will be in line with the Acer H7550BD which offers the same specs without the Short Throw lens. We look forward to both units being available on our website!

Acer H7550ST


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