Acer V9800: Acer announces 4K projector!

acer-v9800Now’s the time! Acer announces its first 4K projector! The news was recently announced at their headquarters in Taipei.

4K UHD resolution – Acer V9800

The Acer V9800 has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels to work with 4K Ultra High Definition. Its the first 4K projector within the ranks of the Acer. Thanks to its attractive pricing, the manufacturer hope many home cinema fans will be interested in the V9800. Where exactly the Acer will be priced is not yet known, but it is expected to be in a more attractive segment than the devices previously available with SXRD technology.

4K quality

With a 4K DMD chip from Texas Instruments at the core of the device, the V9800 provides a super resolution video processor to upscale the material on the 4K image. This also means content can be shown in 4K that is currently only available in 1080p quality.

Rec 709

Another interesting feature of Acer V9800 is to support the Rec 709 colour standard. This is used in HDTV content in order to provide optimum colour quality. It also covers the sRGB colour space. This would suggest that it is moving close to the V7500 in terms of colour quality, which impressed us during tests. Thanks to Acer Colour Purity Technology, a RGBRGB colour wheel and a custom lamp control, the V9800 a great foundation with which to work.  Another advantage of RGBRGB colour wheel is the strong reduction of the rainbow effect, it may well be that the rainbow effect is no longer visible.

acer_v9800_b24_blog_2Fan noise

Another positive we have learnt is that the Acer V9800 is listed to run with only 20dB fan noise. This is really a very low figure, so we hope its too low for the viewer to hear at all! Compared to the other home cinema projectors in Acer’s portfolio, the V9800 is likely to be somewhat larger, which goes hand in hand with lower fan noise. We expect it to fall in line with some of the other 4K home cinema projectors on the market. The big chassis lends itself to features such as lens shift.


Although there is not too much information about the first Acer 4K projector at present, the information that is there has made us listen up. The first step toward mass appeal 4K resolution projectors seems to have been made and now it remains to be seen where the Acer will settle on price. The information relating to the image enhancement means we can definitely hope for a good image quality. The V9800 has now shown for the first time live in Taipei and we are eager to know when it will find its way to us, once it does arrive, we will review the Acer V9800 and let you know our thoughts!

celexon launches first range of cables

celexon HDMI-Kabel und celexon VGA-Kabel

Well known in the projector screen market, celexon is expanding its range. So far, the focus has been mainly on screens and mounts for projectors, but now celexon are launching their own HDMI and VGA cables.

The celexon HDMI cables are divided into two ranges, the Economy and Professional Series.

HDMI Cable Economy series are plastic coated and offer 24 carat gold-plated plugs. They can accommodate for transmission with a maximum 4K x 2K resolution and also support the current 3D standards. An ARC (Audio Return Channel) and Ethernet return channel are also provided. The celexon HDMI Economy cable is available in lengths up to 20m, starting at 1.5m.

HDMI Cable Professional Series offer primarily the same transmission standards, such as 3D rendering, a max 4K x 2K resolution, as well as the ARC and Ethernet return channel. However, the cables are equipped with two solid fitted metal plugs which will produce better transmission quality. Another plus point is the improved insulation covering the cable. The celexon Professional HDMI cable is also available in lengths from 1.5m to 20m.

The celexon VGA cables are similarly split into two ranges, Economy and Professional series.

The VGA cable Economy series is completely plastic-coated , has a cast plug in plastic and double shielded with 2 ferrite filters for maximum noise immunity. The celexon Economy VGA cable is available in lengths from 1.5m to 30m.

The Professional series of celexon VGA cables, like the Economy Series are double shielded and have two ferrite filters to offer strong protection against external noise. The big improvement comes with the 24 carat gold plated plugs, along with the full pin assignment of 3 (RGB) +8 (28AWG) which can be very useful for installers. The celexon Professional VGA cable is available in lengths from 1.5m to 40m.

celexon Economy series HDMI cable

celexon Professional series HDMI cable

celexon Economy series VGA cable

celexon Professional series VGA cable